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Alright you guys, I have been gone for some time now since I traded the truck in. Really miss the truck still, but beginning my build on my new truck which is a 6.2L silverado. Building a full long travel desert truck.

Anyways this is the last thing I have from my old truck that is really worth selling. I dont even think doug thorley makes these anymore, but they are worth every penny. Besides gears they were really the only thing that really made a difference on my old 4 banger. Much better low end torque and better sound.

Got the doug thorley ceramic long tube header plus both brand new nissan gaskets you'll want to use. They were on my truck for a few years, but been sitting in the garage for a while. They should clean up easily.

Looking for them to go to someone local in southern california, orange county area. Asking $200. Message me on here or call/text me. I prefer a text. (714) 653-4940

Thanks guys.

a picture of them on the truck back in the day
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