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I have a 2004 XE Frontier, 4cyl.
My OBDII keeps pulling up a P0400 code, "EGR Flow" code. A couple weeks back, I changed the plugs and wires, wire brushed the rotor/cap, air filter, fuel filter, oil/filter, and all hoses (5/32") connected to the EGR. After all that, the light went out for about a day. Then as I drove it to work, reaching around 75 mph the SES/CEL light began blinking (anywhere from 3-15 times) but eventually remained steady once I slowed to around 70 mph. For about a week now, I have tried keeping it under the mph which made the light blink.
Yesterday I changed the EGR valve, installing a brand new one. Today, as I was driving it (50-55 mph), the light reilluminated steadily (no blinking).
Could it be the associated components within the EGR system, i.e. the solenoid, fuel regulator, EGRC-BPT, canister, etc? Is there something I am missing? Would something else within the environmental/emissions system be setting off a 0400 (EGR) code?
Attached is the schematic I went by when removing and replacing the hoses.
Any help would be much appreciated.
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