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Writing this up because
  • every year is different (slightly)
  • the Haynes manual for 1st Gen Frontiers parties like it's 1999, no help for my 2004 XE
  • I couldn't figure out what "It just pulls up" means, and wasted some time
  • I google too much, and I know you do too
Keep in mind:
  • plastic is held in by friction clips or screws
  • no special tools required for this
  • It's pretty hard to break/damage by yanking with your hand, so go for it
  • Disable the Battery First! The airbag sensor will report an error if you remove the on/off switch light (required to remove the center dash cover) with the battery connected. I did this, and had to reset it. Spend the extra minute under the hood with a 12mm wrench (negative terminal) and avoid this!
  • Glove box removal is 100% independent from the center console removal. Doing one does not require the other.
Also note:
  • Photos for my Automatic Transmission, column shift
  • Depending on your gear selector you may need to remove the handle first
Center Console Removal - Armrest OR Dash faceplate/radio
  1. Pull vertically UP on inner black plastic lining. Grab 'n Yank.
    • 6 clip points total, 3 on each side (GREEN arrows)
    • Just grab & lift. Don't worry about the clip points, just FYI
  2. White screws secure Dash Faceplate. PH #2
    • Once the 4 screws are removed, there is a bottom clip-lever (Between lower white arrows). Press in to allow panel removal
      • Remember (again) to remove the battery before removing the airbag on/off switch!
  3. Green screws (above) + 4 outside (Pink, other photos) to remove center/floor console + armrest
    • NOTE: the dash panel clip covers the bottom panel. First remove the dash panel before removing the floor console/armrest

Glove Box Removal
  1. Remove 6 screws (Green) and pull towards back of vehicle to unclip
    • No need to remove glove compartment door (as mentioned in Haynes manual)

Like usual, reinstall in reverse order.
  • If there's screws left over, you've got a screw loose. Try again!
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