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i have had trouble locating the PCV on this model engine. the one autozone sold me was completely incorrect and the location the FSM and Haynes manual state is incorrect.

AFTER an hour of searching i found what appears to be PCV vavle.

i took it out and it looks like a PCV valve. i shook it and it sounds like a PCV valve. my guess is it must be a PCV valve. since MY dealerships totally suck around here, and autozone didnt have the right one i just picked one off the wall that closely matched mine and made it fit.

i have pointed out the location in the picture as to being on the passenger side vavle cover.
there is a white dot in the second picture indicating the same spot.

i actually might still have the box of the new one if anyone wants to know the part number to get thier own.

i am open to suggestions and input on this subject.


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