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Hi all,

Found this forum when I replaced my knock sensor. The guide got me through it. ( That was a while ago, and I did a few more things to my truck since then.

The truck has about 70k on it. I got it mostly new due to a family member co-sign problem. It sat for a long time before i got it in 2011 with around 30k miles abandoned at the cosigners house. I paid off the bank and took over the truck since they had trouble making the payments.

After fixing the knock sensor I went on to replace the air intake in an effort to cheaply increase the power output but just ended up making the supercharger too loud. The obvious solution was to put in a custom true dual exhaust with bigger pipes and a magnaflow for more noise to cover up the sound of the supercharger and add power! hahah :) and no it didn't seem to make much difference but it sounds great!

Did some more bolt on things along the way as stuff broke. LED lights for the 3rd brake light. aftermarket tail lights that sort of match also. brush guard bumper in the front. got rear ended and never really liked the Grey rear bumper anyway, bought a black one to replace that. Tow package from uhaul.

I realized today how bad my floormats look so wondered if anyone had good leads on the elusive "supercharged" version that's out there. It's raining and I'm stuck inside so finally made an account here and voila! here i am.

Thanks for reading. Any other suggested mods/upgrades for power or how it looks are welcome! Hopefully you can see the few pictures i put in the garage.

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