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needing some help, can't seem to the the plug from under the intake and s/c? does s/c and intake need to come off or just keep trying?
for number 4 sparkplug, its located under the intake feed. LEAVE S/C on!!!! no need to remove.

there are ten bolts to take out and and to remove the rubber hose between airbox and throttle body.

2 bolts and 2 studs with nuts hold it on at the supercharger. BE CAREFUL!!! gasket should be replaced.
take out the studs with nuts or you will struggle trying to get it off. you may damage the gasket. i have removed it and reused the gasket with no issues so far.

4 bolts hold it on a bracket about mid way down and

the final 2 bolts are under the throttle body. these are 10mm and all the others are 12mm.

once they are removed, you can then lift the intake tube out of the way a little towards the firewall and get at number four. the hardest thing i found was getting the boot off.

i can get and post pics if you need.

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ok here ya go.

i am not about to take mine all apart. but this should get you in the direction you need to go.

first, take off air box cover and rubber intake hose that connects to throttle body.

then you can remove the 2 10mm bolts under the throttle body. real tough to see but they are there. i used a 3/8 drive ratchet with atleast 6inches of an extension with a 10mm deep socket. the deep socket is not needed, i just happened to have one that fit 3/8 ratchet.
remove any hoses you feel are getting in the way. you can see i replaced some of my clamps with hose clamps.

next you can remove the 4 12mm bolts on the middle plate.

last are the 4 bolts at the back of S/C. actually on mine i have 2 bolts and 2 studs with nuts.

remove everything, studs nuts and bolts. DONT DAMAGE GASKET!!!!! or get a new one.

FSM states to replace that every time its taken apart.

i'll let you know if i have any issues when they happen but so far so good.

the pictures will be in that order, minus the 2 10mm bolts. (sorry no disassemble)

also i will include an over view as well


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