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I'm a novice home mechanic and I bought my Nissan a couple of years ago. In that time so far all I've done is change the oil and replaced the drive belts. The tuck just reached 60,000 miles, and I've been reading up on the service manual and the prior services. The previous owner requested a 60k service from a local Japanese auto shop, mid 2014 at around 45k. At that time the shop said recommended repairs were Wheel Bering Repack (@302.77) and BG Induction Service (160.33). This work wasn't completed.? Is 60K a little premature, or is it expected with the trucks age?

Later on (55000) I took the truck for a tire rotation, and asked the tire shop to look at the bearings. They wrote down on the receipt 'truck looks good'. But I do notice a pretty faint burning smell inside the cabin. Could it be the bearings, or likely something else? What's a good way to check them myself? Should I just sniff around the wheel area after a good drive? Should I put the front end on jack stands, and rotate the front wheels?
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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