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Hello, frontier world. I'm Colin. I just moved to Oregon and had a two day time crunch to buy a vehicle before my first day of work. So I ended up with an 03 supercharged v6 automatic, 170k miles, decently clean. I paid $8k - the market here seems hard, lots of 200+ mi Tacomas selling for $10k or more! I wasn't thrilled with the SC stealing some gas mileage, but the official numbers are barely lower than the standard version. After reading some more here, I'm having a little buyer's remorse for the SC reputation of unexpectedly poor mpg and mechanical headache. So, first of all, I'm wondering if I should try to negate the sale and get something else they have, or if I should ride it out and see if it serves me well and in the worst case sell it at a slight loss in a year if I don't like it. I'll use it to get around on camping trips (lots of forest roads and snowy ski trips) and for everyday utility trips (moving furniture, garden equipment, firewood, etc). It could likely see a cross country trip once a year. I don't plan on spending much time in the city with it. I drive with a light foot usually. So, have I made a poor choice? Or will I be fine? If so, I'll be here seeking recommendations and help on working on it, and I'll participate as much as my noob self can. Thanks for any input!
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