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This beautiful machine has a custom built 3.5L 10.4:1 VG33E motor equipped with flat-top pistons, lightened balanced rods, ported heads and custom-ground camshafts. It remains 100% visually indistinguishable from stock, aside of the "3.5L HIGH OUTPUT" emblem on the intake manifold. This truck pulls much harder than one in stock form. The motor alone would cost over $5,000 to replicate. I'm happy to detail for you exactly how it was built. Everything is documented.

This truck started its life as a 2WD XE Frontier. At 105,000 miles (now at 125,000) it underwent an extensive build and customization. The custom high-compression motor was installed, along with a fully rebuilt transmission, and New OEM limited slip differential. A front differential, transfer case, and new front axles were installed, with all new suspension bushings, custom one piece driveshaft, rear add-a-leaf/lift and air-shocks, trailer hitch and brake controller. All new brakes and heavy duty clutch, and cruise control were added. An electric oil pump pulls oil from the sump and pre-pressurizes the oiling system prior to start-up (activated with a momentary switch on the dash). Every other part (e.g. hoses, belts, bearing and seals, rotors, higher-capacity radiator (from "SC" truck), water pump, etc.) was replaced at the same time. It's now an exceptionally capable four wheel drive that's made Wyoming hunting trips, way up in the mountains, possible.

It has cold AC, Pioneer touchscreen navigation, custom speakers, a 5-speed MANUAL transmission (as it should be!) manual roll-up windows and manual seats (as it should be!).

This is a truck for somebody who appreciates driving their machine, and having something special - a notch (or two) above what others have. You can't buy this truck at a dealership and you never could. There isn't another like it, anywhere. It's a truly special truck and will be terribly missed by its current owner/builder.

There's more info about the truck on craigslist in San Luis Obispo California






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