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2001 XE Frontier V-6 5 Spd.

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Hi all. Just recently i've noticed once in a great while in 1st gear when I engage my clutch from a complete stop it sometimes causes the truck to jerk a few times before it smoothly accelerates normally. When it does that if I let off the gas it'll stop jerking and take off normally again. Other than that my truck runs perfect. The clutch is strong it does'nt slip and can even chirp the tires in a couple gears. Anyone know what's happening here? Is this a problem? Do I need to just adjust the clutch or something? All advice welcome.
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Sounds like you're letting out the clutch too fast with not enough throttle. Happens every once in a blue moon in my truck. My father had a V6 with a 5 speed that did the same thing; it was very touchy.
yeah, mine is extremely touchy
"Ride" the clutch a little, until you get used to it.
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