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iam looking at buying a 01 crewcab supercharged 5 speed 4x4

1st this is my 1 st post here thank you in advance for your answers

5 speed shifter in gear moves side to side about 1 inch is that normal?

has 81 k miles

not alot of power is the good computers cost hp change to add

is the 5 speed a good transmission

price is 14500 while blue book is 12600 if i buy it ill pay less then 14500
what are the things i should know about this type of truck

i plan to tow it with motorhome some also

is mileage about 12 to 15 ?


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Hi Bill, I just read your posting and had a hard time figuring out exactly what you are asking in a few of the lines you typed.

Having some movement in the shifter is acceptable--something I've always had in the manual transmission trucks I've owned. You may want to make a quick call to your favorite mechanic or the dealership to ask what is an acceptable tolerance for that specific model.

I'd suggest that for some of the questions you have asked--do a google search for the Frontier and narrow the search to the year in question.

Read some of the articles that come up, and you may find the answers that you're looking for.

Hope you find what you're looking for!

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