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New to forum. Joined because I have experience in vehicle maintenance and modification. Have used forum threads many times to assist in various projects and product decisions (e.g. lift options, shocks, etc).

I have a 2000 XE V6 Crew Cab. I call her the FUN-tier. Haven't had this particular truck for all that long. Got it at 160k, 190k now.

I run Cooper Weathermaster M+S in the winter (235/75 r15) and have a set of 17s from the 2003 SC frontier for the summer (currently michelins but next set will be dynapro ATMs 255/65 r17).

Will soon be doing an oem fog light install (will do a write-up with pictures and links to any parts I end up purchasing).

Looking forward to sharing and gaining knowledge with yall. (Can't seem to attach pics from my Phone. I'll put one or 2 up later).
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