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2000 Frontier XE Steering Gear Replacement

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I changed my Steering gear last December from the 17 year old original to a Oreilly's Remanufactured One.
After just 7 months, The main shaft seal is leaking at the pitman arm.

(yes, replaced pump and hoses too with new fluid.)

I was wondering what other issues might caused this other than I got a "lemon" from the Oreilly's?

I use the standard Power steering fluid but maybe I need the import fluid?

Possible other issues with the Suspension that might stress out the shaft seal?

I just use it for light street, no off roading.

Thank you for your input

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Not sure if it has anything to do with your leak (it may simply be due to poor rebuild quality), but don't use amber or clear power steering fluid in Nissans and most Asian makes unless they call for it. Nissan uses NissanMatic Type "D" ATF (which is the same as genuine Nissan power steering fluid), but Dexron III/Mercon ATF can be used, as well in the power steering system.
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