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2000 frontier lift

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I have a 2000 frontier, and just picked up a set of 33inch tires. What kind of lift is the best to do?
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read the FAQ 3" and trimming or BL
UCA, add a leaf.

I would go at least 3", you would probably be able to pass it off with minimal cutting around the fenders. It's going to be pricey, just so you know.
alot of xterras fit 33s with a bodylift and a pml or poor mans lift (cranking torsion bars and adding 1.5" shackles) should be the same for frontys

or you can go wit a 3in bl and a 3in sl and fit 33s no poblem
no bodylift 33s will fit on a 3in SL from 4x4parts no need to do a 3in body lift. I know of 2 gen 1s running 33s TSLs with no issues
Thanks for the input, I allready have a lift for the rear, but wasn't sure about the front I was just gonna crank up the torsion bars, but after reading through all the FAQ. I ordered the new uca's from CALMINI. Still not sure if I want do do the body lift, guess I'll wait and see.
i don't think you'll need a body lift. Be sure to put up some pictures when it's done
i run 33s with a 3 inch SL, dont get a BL, they look like ****
i run 33s with a 3 inch SL, dont get a BL, they look like ****
I agree, I really didn't want to do a BL for the same reason.
i run 33s with a 3 inch SL, dont get a BL, they look like ****
I've seen this truck in person. It looks good with just the 3" SL lift and 33's. I've also talked with Josh, he's a smart guy and knows what he's talkin about. I would just go with what he says.
Do I have to do anything besides turn the bolts for a torsion bar crank? And could a get enough from cranking the torsion bars to put 2 inch blocks in the back.
You can get two inches from a t-bar crank given that they are not already adjusted to raise the front at all. T-bar crank in the front and 2" blocks in the rear and you should be level. You will need a front-end alignment to correct your camber after the t-bar crank and longer shocks for the rear. With this you are like to need some trimming to your front bumper valance and maybe fender flares which will rub with your 33s.
What are UCAs and why do you need them if your cranking your torsion bars?
UCA means for Upper Control Arm. If you wish to lift anything over 2" they are required to accomplish proper balljoint angles and more suspension droop travel. For a T-bar crank of 1-2" you do not need to replace your UCAs and longer front shocks are not needed when retaining stock UCAs.
alright thanks. and i just learned that my leaf springs are on the bottom of my axle so i cant use blocks. is it possible to just move to leaf springs to the top of the axle?
It is definitely possibly but there are much easier ways to lift these 2wd trucks. Going from spring under to spring over is going to require some fabrication of new spring perches. I would recommend shackles or an ad a leaf kit and new shocks which is what most people do.
Well going from SUA to SOA can yield upwards of 4-6" of lift.

Get a single or 3 pack AAL and UCA's if you plan on going over 2".

You may have trouble fitting a 33 with a PML. Depends on how well you can use a sawsall.

I can run a 33x10.50 TSL on stock rims with my lift.
Wow its adam... where have you been?
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