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In December, a good friend of mine popped the engine in his 2000 Frontier. Lacking time & patience to keep wrenching on it, he offered it to me for free. It had a custom rear bumper, ARB front, Calmini suspension, ARB snorkle, and a few other odds and ends. I always liked the proportions of 1 gen crew cab frontiers, and having wheeled with this truck many times I thought this would be a great fit for my needs. I am restoring / building an 84 Westfalia, but car camping had gotten old while the Westy is under the knife.

So, I towed it home and it sat like this while I accumulated parts. Finding an engine was more difficult than I expected, but I eventually found one from a JDM importer.

Here's what it looked like when I took it home:

Well, there's the problem right there!

2 of my buddies who are professional techs helped me with this project. After getting tired of using my Canadian Tire tools, we went and grabbed some serious hardware:

Making progress:

First time firing it up, 3 weeks to the day from when we first started wrenching on it. I removed the hella lights, repainted the bumper, grille, and body metal below the grille. It's still wearing the VERY hard 10 year old BFG a/ts in this shot:

I drove it for the first time a few days later on a work commute, complete with the old engine in the back of the truck to take to the dump. I got more than a few weird looks at the office!

Added a Thule xsporter rack, Cascadia Mt Rainier tent, and a dakine pad to protect the tailgate. Still wearing those scary a$$ BFGs:

It went for tinting, and a serious detail as 15+ years of wheeling had taken its toll. I was surprised at how much shine was left in this paint:

Do you see all that grime on the floor? Yeah....that's just from the floor mats! When we shampooed the interior, it turned out a different color than when we started:

I think it turned out fantastic from where I started:

Last weekend I went for a drive & did some hill training on the bike. The Toyo A/Ts are a massive improvement in ride quality and general NVH

Thanks for checking this out! I will update with some of the interior mods I'm doing soon.

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Nice truck man! Always gotta appreciate it when someone gives an old truck new life. I would love to find a 2000 in a crew cab instead of my king cab! Keep up the good work!
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