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2000 crew m/t electrics

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hi, got some questions on the electrics on my 2000 crew v6 4x4 w/ m/t:

- the fan now only works on high (4); the 1 through 3 settings no longer work. should i take the time to trace wiring, check switches, etc., or is this a sympton of the fan packing it in?

- cruise control has stopped working. Again, should i check sensors, etc., or just replace the cruise ecu?

- ok, this isn't electrics, but my seatbelt has stopped retracting (hey, it's a 2000 with over 250k km on it!); is this something i should try and fix, or just drop a new one in?

thanks for all the wisdom, keith.
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About the fan, I have a 2000 that does the same thing. I have read on here somewhere that it is a bag blower resistor that causes that problem. Sorry I can't help with the other questions.
follow the fsm to determine whats the problem is with the ecu..

for your seat belt, take it to the dealer. they have life time warranty.
funny. before buying my truck, i test drove a 2001 v6 with the same fan problem
thanks guys. item # 27077 resistance-electric "heater switch resistor" $21. hopefully this will sort the issue. thanks for the heads-up on the lifetime warranty on the seatbelts - anything else that nissan will fix for free (or a thread here that discusses it)? again, thanks lots.
I had that fan problem. The resistor for the fan is like a little circuit board that rusted a little. It was an easy fix.
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