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2000 Crew Cab SE Subs?

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Does anyone have a sub/subs in thier 2000 crew cab? If so, what size? and do any of you have them behind the back seat? I'm looking for advice on what to get/where to place it.

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I would say it definately depends on your tastes and the quality of the subs. You can get a 10" rated at 500w or 100w so that comes into consideration too. I think 3 8" subs you would feel more because more air is moving, but a quality 12" could hit some lower frequencies and save space. Also ported/sealed boxes have an effect on the sound aswell. You can get a single alpine 12" rated at 1500w rms I'd go for one of those in a sealed box and hit the lows hard.

Edit: Then again I have more space in the cab.
8's will do fine for everyday listening if its all you can fit. I listened to my system loud for a few months and now im over it, it hardly sees over 50% power unless im being an *** on purpose at stoplights :]. The 10" in a ported box just doesn't hit low enough, good in the 50-80hz range though.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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