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2000 Crew Cab SE Subs?

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Does anyone have a sub/subs in thier 2000 crew cab? If so, what size? and do any of you have them behind the back seat? I'm looking for advice on what to get/where to place it.

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would normal 10 inch subs fit(slims are exspensive)? and how do they compare to a 12(what i originally wanted was a 12 inch sub till i realized it would be too big)?
Im a sony geek and as such got xplod subs. The ones I got are about 10 inches deep by themselves without a box and there is no way the sub itself could fit behind the rear seat let alone in a box. My two 1200W tens hit harder than one friends 1100W single 12" JL sub but dont come even close to what a 12" kicker comp was like when I hooked that up to my system. The simplest solution I think is get a single 12 and strap it in the center section of your rear seat which is what I am considering doing.
Yeah thats what I'm thinking if doing since i rarely have anyone sit in the middle. I'm also thinking about building a box to fit a 12" on the floor in front of the middle seat, so that if anyone does ride in the middle they can straddle the box.

EDIT: Nvm i just did the measurements and theres no way a 12 would fit down there where i have my seat adjusted(im a tall guy and its all the way back.). A 10 would fit though. I guess without taking up that middle seat back there this truck is just too small for a 12....
So how would a 3 8" subs sound in comparison to a 12"?
I would say it definately depends on your tastes and the quality of the subs. You can get a 10" rated at 500w or 100w so that comes into consideration too. I think 3 8" subs you would feel more because more air is moving, but a quality 12" could hit some lower frequencies and save space. Also ported/sealed boxes have an effect on the sound aswell. You can get a single alpine 12" rated at 1500w rms I'd go for one of those in a sealed box and hit the lows hard.

Edit: Then again I have more space in the cab.
Yeah i'm just wanting to get something that will fit behind my back seat, and its looking like 8's in a box is all that will fit back there. I'm thinking about just putting a 12 in a box in the middle seat, which i dont want to, but i may have to
Anyone have any pics of a setup with 8's? I've decided to put two 8's in a box in the back and get a component system
you know i did this the easy way and just ditched the backseats all together. as people have said already its to small to fit anybody back there, and as you said being a big guy you have the seat all the way back, creating less room. so i just tore the seat out, mounted a HUGE phoenix gold audio bandpass box with two 12", 1200 watt phoenix gold subs, and a jvc amp on top :p
lol thats rediculous.....but totally AWESOME!!!

i dont want to take the seat out though, and now i have the money for subs and an amp. anyone recommend any good 8 inchers or amps(looking for about 500w cuz ill be running two 8s)? - Kicker 10C84 8" 200W Comp Car Subwoofer

anyone know if these are of quality? and will they fit behind my seats? the site says its a 4.06 inch mounting depth
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