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2000 Crew Cab SE Subs?

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Does anyone have a sub/subs in thier 2000 crew cab? If so, what size? and do any of you have them behind the back seat? I'm looking for advice on what to get/where to place it.

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you know i did this the easy way and just ditched the backseats all together. as people have said already its to small to fit anybody back there, and as you said being a big guy you have the seat all the way back, creating less room. so i just tore the seat out, mounted a HUGE phoenix gold audio bandpass box with two 12", 1200 watt phoenix gold subs, and a jvc amp on top :p
the JVC im running now is pretty awesome. its a 600 though but its the biggest one the make without going into their high performance section. it was a little less than 200 bucks but i love the thing
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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