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2000 Crew Cab SE Subs?

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Does anyone have a sub/subs in thier 2000 crew cab? If so, what size? and do any of you have them behind the back seat? I'm looking for advice on what to get/where to place it.

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I have two tens in a box occupying the center of my rear seat. I rarely sit anyone back there but my dog but Im leaning towards cutting the center section of my seat away and making a box that sits in there. Some people have fit 8" tubes or 10" pioneer slims behind the rear seat.
would normal 10 inch subs fit(slims are exspensive)? and how do they compare to a 12(what i originally wanted was a 12 inch sub till i realized it would be too big)?
Im a sony geek and as such got xplod subs. The ones I got are about 10 inches deep by themselves without a box and there is no way the sub itself could fit behind the rear seat let alone in a box. My two 1200W tens hit harder than one friends 1100W single 12" JL sub but dont come even close to what a 12" kicker comp was like when I hooked that up to my system. The simplest solution I think is get a single 12 and strap it in the center section of your rear seat which is what I am considering doing.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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