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well, i'm putting my truck up for sale after much debate. Its a 2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab V6 automatic 2WD. It has about 160k miles. It is Solar yellow.

The Good: Body is in good condition.
Interior is in good shape just needs a detailing
Newly rebuilt heads( <1 mile on them)
New fuel pump (replaced 4k miles ago)
New distributer( replaced 4k miles ago)
New radiator (replaced 4k miles ago)
New belts( replaced 1k miles ago)
Timing belt replaced <1 mile ago.
Tires are in pretty descent shape
1 Brand new matching tire included (off rim)
Full size Good spare(non matching tire)

The Bad: automatic transmission has no forward gears (needs replaced/rebuilt)

Paint is pretty well scratched up
Dent on top of hood(noticeable from drivers seat)
Rear bumper sags on right side (something left over from a previous owner)
Will be keeping my radio
As stated before, interior needs a good detailing.
Drivers window motor/track assembly not present. (window held up by a 1x1 inside door, been that way since i bought it.)
Missing 1 of the A/C control knobs.

thats really about all i can think of right now.

(also the steering, ignition is currently locked up because of dumb, that should be fixed 2morrow.)

Truck is Located in Junction City/Fort Riley Kansas. must be trailered
$3000 OBO. thanks all.

(btw, i don't currently have any good pics of it, i will try to get some 2morrow and post them up.)

found a couple pics to put up until i can get more.


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hence the "OBO" btw, side note, keep up the great work on ur FRITAN. :goodjob:
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