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hello! got a few questions about my truck:

- what skid plates did the 2000 crew 4x4 come with - gas tank, rad and ... ? is there a third (if there is, my mechanic removed it when he did my clutch, which is why i'm asking ...).

- anyone have any images of a calmini prerunner front bumper installed on a 2000? looks to be the only retail option available to me (no fab shops even close to where i live, and the prerunner bumper that 4x4parts sells looks to just be a light bar).

- i put hd springs in the back a few years ago to increase carrying capacity and now want to level it out a bit. there looks to be no leveling kits around for a 2000, so i'm lining-up an AC front lift with idler arm brace, torsion bars and new shocks. any recommendation on shocks? and what is the story on rims with a smaller backspace - required for stability, or just to get clearance for bigger rubber? i wanna avoid new rims/rubber f i can (currently running 285/75/16's on stock rims w/ just a bit of rubbing in the front after some creative dremmel work).

thanks to all for the help. keith.
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