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2000 4X4 King Cab Mod Help!

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Hey all. I'm driving a 2000 4X4 king cab presently on 31" Toyo A/Ts. I just bought some 265/70/R15 General Grabber AT2s and mounted them on Cragar 15" soft 8s. Looked great until I cut the wheel and noticed they're hitting the fender flares at the very bottom near the mud flaps. I checked the math on the tires size at least three times before I ordered them. The Grabbers are supposed to be shorter than the Toyos by about 1.5". And they are only supposed to be .2" wider. But I'm not clearing by about 1.5". I measured the tire and they're the same height but almost 12" wide!

So... my question is:

What's the best way to get these tires to fit on the truck? If I remove the fender flares is there an aftermarket flare or trim I can put in its place? Do I need to consider a BL or SL?

Anyone have any pictures of the same truck with modded fender flares?

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