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2000 2.4L Timing Chain Tensioner piece in oil pan

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I found a piece of metal I traced to the 2000 2.4L Timing Chain (HIGH) Tensioner. (272k miles) ::wink::

I have been reading ahead online of service and this forum and the Service Nissan Manuals but I'm confused??

Only Chilton says the HEAD is required to be
removed as the gasket extends out.

If anybody has any tips on replacing and installing new timing Chain kit I would appreciated it

Thank you for your time.

Darin ::smile:::thumbup:


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Darin - from that first picture, looks like you could just pray for that to heal.
Ha ha yes, thought of that! :angel:

Godly Voice(Orson Wells) from above "CHANGE YOUR TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER DARIN!!! "
I completed it 3 weeks ago.

I found the part in my oil pan as I was suddenly had oils leaks.

Yes I removed everything except the Head.

The Haynes and Clinton Manuals SUCK! They say you need to remove the head! WRONG!

Their Torque specs!! WRONG! Besure yo look closer as they don't label them correctly.
144ft pounds for a 10mm bolt! ha ha! It's inch pounds!

The lower cover has a blind bolt just above the water pump bolt but just below and hidden.

I replaced the chain, gears, guides(nissan) and tensioners.

I had to re-time the motor and reset the TPS and Idle. but it has a "bump" or "lobe"
at idle sometimes. ????

Its runs great on highway speeds But

I have a small oil leak but large oil loss? Burning smell at Highway speeds'

I checked the valve cleare which at Spec @ 273 which I used Mobil1 since 46k

Spark plugs are dry and clean. no oil

No power loss.

No oil in the water

but the oil is black already. Strange as I just changed it 3 weeks ago.



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