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2 Degrees Less Advanced.

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I dropped my timing back to 10 instead of 12. I never even messed with the timing on the truck until about three weeks ago to check it. I am assuming it's always been set to 12 every since I owned it.
After doing the decrease the engine seemed to run smoother. However, now it 20 degrees out so maybe the combination of cold and advance timing will do that.

I did now that when turning up the timing the engine reved faster and just the opposite when going to far down. I guess is probably not news to some but I never played with timing before :).
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Not such a stupid question it is not really mentioned on too many forums for the first gen.

Do you have a service manual? They are free on the internet. EC.PDF is the one you need to read.

I will give a break down

Run engine for 2 minutes at 2000 RPMs
Then rev engine 2 to 3 times to 2000 - 3000 RPMs
Turn off engine, unplug throttle sensor
Then turn truck on rev 2 to 3 times to 2000 - 3000 RPMS
Hook up timing light to check timing.

To change timing keep engine running after hooking up timming light
Loosen do not undo the distributor hold down bolt (12MM I think).
Then turn distributor a bit and then check timing.
You can advance it or de-advance it by turning the distributor.

10 degrees is stock setting.

After setting timing tighten bolt, turn off engine, plug the sensor back in. Take for test drive.
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