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2 degree TA

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Had the timing advanced 2 degrees at my local Nissan dealer and I can't tell a damn thing different. I have 89 octane in the tank. Feels the same.
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does it cost money to have them do the advance?
i'm not looking to pay for it which is why i'm wondering if its something they would do for me for free while they change out my front impact sensor when i take it in soon. i've had no luck with finding anyone around me with a programmer that can do it
i'm fairly sure that the 2* adv bumps the entire timing curve up 2*, like changes the entire curve of what timing it give in any situation. i know people on the forum who have done this before say you get a print out from nissan when they do it showing the before and after timing. it wont really drastically change the power band in any one spot so you probably won't feel it. the gains would be small and fairly equal over the entire power band with the added effect of a slightly quicker response (more rev happy) its not going to be anything that a butt dyno will notice
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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