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2 degree TA

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Had the timing advanced 2 degrees at my local Nissan dealer and I can't tell a damn thing different. I have 89 octane in the tank. Feels the same.
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well hold on there isn't a big difference. if you pay for it, you shouldn't. it is a very small and subtle change. if you were looking for some measurable increase in performance you won't find it. a lot of people feel a big difference and then, they also feel a major difference by installing a k&n air filter. butt dynos are VERY inaccurate. a timing advance is not worth paying for but if you have the chance to get it done free it isn't something i would pass up....
that's up to the dealer/advisor/service manager/tech and you/your relationship/your communication with them/him/her.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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