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2" daystar front lift installed

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I just bought a 2" leveling kit from another member here earlier this week. I got the spacers in yesterday and installed them this morning. The install is pretty straightforward, with the hardest part removing the lower shock bolt. Even the ball joints weren't too bad as all I had to do was tap the spindle with a hammer to knock it loose. The first side, driver's side took me about an hour or so to knock out. My biggest issue was the lower shock bolt. I nearly stripped the nut trying to muscle it off. I finally gave it and just grabbed the propane torch and heated the nut for a minute or so. Put the socket back on, and used a 3 foot pipe for leverage. It gently and easily came off after that. I was surprised as to how easy it really is to remove and replace the front coilover, let alone put the spacers on the top. I put it all back together and went over to the passengers side. Learning what I needed to do on the other side, it only took about 30 minutes to tear it down and put it back together. That ball joint was a bit more stubborn and needed a bit more persuasion to pop out, but still not bad. Once I got to the lower shock bolt, I just heated the nut for a minute or so, used the ratchet and pipe extension and it came right off, no big deal. On the otherside, I broke 3 decent 3/8" drive ratchets. I will be taking a ride to sears tomorrow to see if I can swap them out (I don't know how they broke? I didn't hit them with a small sledge or anything.) All in all, it really is an easy task to do. I could probably do this again in under an hour with what I know now. Next up is a front end alignment and soon after a small lift in the rear. I'm thinking about going with an add a leaf.



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Did you do anything in the back? Also, when you were removing all nuts and bolts, did you have an impact gun or just normal hand tools?
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