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2.5 Coilovers

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Now that I have my 5" Calmini installed I want to upgrade to extended length 2.5 coilovers to replace that shock tower that came with the kit, I had 2.0 Radflo's from PRG on there and was very happy with them, after looking on their site (PRG) I see that I can go with Radflo's, Icon, SAW's or King, but I also was looking on the Calmini site and they have the extended length SAW's for $849, and I am not gonna go with King 's because they are just too much, does anyone know if the Calmini SAW's are any different than the one's from PRG? just looking at the pictures on each website I can see a difference in the lower mount's, and they are listed on Calmini as "Racerunners" that come precharged at 200 psi, not sure about PRG's, any feedback from owners of the different shocks would be appreciated.
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go with prg
I am more than likely going to do just that, I was just wondering what the difference between all of them are, (and why Calmini has them for $200 cheaper) and thanks to Mike for clarifying what my options are, now I guess my question would be is which is better, Radflo or Swayaway, I enjoyed the Radflo's and the stiff feel they gave to the suspension on the road, and was happy when I took it on the access roads to get to riding areas. So I guess I'm looking to hear from 2.5 Radflo and Swayaway owners at this point.

Can't answer your questions, but I can say I have the Radflo 2.5s and love them and for not having to deal with the red and blue I gladly paid the extra $150.
I'd be dealing with the red and black which actually would match my Nismo sticker :)
You are not going to fine anyone that have tried the calmini saw's. They are relatively new and people are scared to try.
What about the PRG Swayaways, do you know of anyone that is running them?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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