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2.5" calmini spacer question.

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i bought these spacer from calmini about 2 years ago.... i also bought some rancho shocks from 4wheel parts. i installed them and the 2.5" lift looked good. 4-6 months later my shocks blew..... i got them replaced for free under the warranty. i put the spacers back on and another 4-6 months they blew again. got a another set replaced again. this time i didnt put the spacers on.... i dont if the spacers were the reason for my shocks blowing??? is it the shocks that dont support the spacers????
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Did the shocks have the same compressed/flexed length as the OEM ones did?

The one thing I can think of is that you bottomed them out too much and they blew.
hmm, good question. I have read millions of threads on spacers, and this is the 1st I've heard that they can blow them out. I hope that is not the norm, I'll be taking the spacers out until I can afford coil overs.
my guess is that you are running the 2.5in lift shocks so they are running compressed with the stock spring and spacer causing them the blow. its not the spacer as they dose nothing to change the shock travel in any way.
I've hear that Rancho quick struts have a short life. Maybe its true...

Try Bilstein adjustables.
When adding the spacer you are suppose to add a extra long bump stop. This keeps the travel length the same. Look at prg's site. They supply a silly looking cone shaped bump stop that you are suppose to replace the stock bump with. Did you do this??

If not...
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