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1st gen/ VG33 drive/fan belts squeal

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Hey yall, so about early December I noticed my drive belts start to have a constant squeal/squeak and my truck is a 04 XE crew cab, short bed, 5 speed, 4x4 with just under 150k miles. I know that it has 3 drive belts, but my A/C compressor seized up and ate the belt so I don't run that belt. The only 2 I have are the P/S pump and water pump, and the alternator belt. I decided to change both the belts because being at 150k, I'm fairly certain they were the factory belts. So I changed them both, but the noise was still there. I thought maybe they were too lose, I tightened them down some more making sure not to overtighten them, but the noise was STILL there. I'm pretty sure it was the power steering and water pump belt because I took it off and started it and the noise seemed to go away, so I changed the idler pulley to no avail. It honestly doesn't make the noise unless I rev past about 4k which occasionally happens when I downshift because I rev match every gear and once the noise comes, it doesn't go until the truck is shut off. Then I can shut it back on and it won't make the noise until another high rev comes around.

I should add that the water pump is only 25k miles/2 years old. It was changed with the timing belt.

If anyone can help me out at all, that'd be dope. I really appreciate it.
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