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1st Gen Tire Fit

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Crush me if you must, I searched for a while and all I find is 2nd Gen crapola ;)

I want to replace the stockers on my '03 Fronty. Its running 255/65/16's now. I'm thinking I'll stick with the 16 in rim. That leaves me wanting to go as big as you 2nd Gens seem to get with an all stock set up, 265/75/16. My numbers say this is 1.3" taller in radius and 0.4" wider. Just want to confirm you guys think this will work since it is a 31.5" tire..

I also know the speedo will be out by about 9% which is what I had in my last truck, a Dakota. Never gave me problems, although I did just read this could be putting more stress on the brakes...

I'm looking at no more than an A/T since its a DD ( I had Destination M/T's on my last truck and they were definitely a little much). Based on all the good reading here on the forum, I'm between the good ole' BFG AllTerrain, Firestone Destination A/T, Brigestone Dueler Revo 2, and maybe a NITTO or something.
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