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1st Gen. Headlights

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How do I remove the front headlights? I looked for screws, but something is still holding it in. Can someone help me out.

How many screws?And Where?
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2 screws you have to remove. one on the top corner, and the other in front of the radiator, and its PITA to get out.

If you have a flexible 10mm socket, it will be easier.
oh and it's right under that bracket that holds the plastic bumper.
once that is removed, pop it out from the reflector side. then pull all the way out.
take note how it goes out, because it'll be a PITA again to put back in. lolz.

o wait, u have a 2000, but that's still on the corner. I remember having to take mine out from my old truck waaay back.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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