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For those of you Crew Cab owners that want to put a sub box behind your rear seats:

-These are Outside Dimensions (Gross)-


If you plan on doing this, please be aware that you will have to cut out the jack support bracket which is located behind the rear seats. If you don't want to do that you can split the box in half and put in one sub. I cut the bracket off and put the jack under my seat. My amp is located under the passanger side seat so make sure you get one that will fit under there or else you will have to find another place. With this setup there is no room left behind the rear seats and the seat closes against the enclosure making it a great massage seat :D (There is no need to strip the seats to make it fit). There is approximately 50.5" behind the seats so you can make your box fit in perfect or make it smaller like I did (48"). Make sure you measure the area in your truck before you start. My truck is an 03 Crew Cab and it fits nicely. To make the box get yourself some 5/8" wood, wood screws, and wood glue. You want to make the box air tight. After you finish the box you can put carpet covering around it or just leave it as is. I am running two eight inch Rockford Fosgate P1s and it looks like I can fit up to 4 if I wanted. 10 inch subs might also be a possibility for this box. There is about 0.83 Cubic Feet of air space inside the box so keep that in mind when looking for subwoofers.
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1 - 1 of 163 Posts
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