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this might be a double post and if it is the suck on my lolly pop!!

stearing is a big issue with 1st gens this is the weakest point on out trucks with any offroading you wheel hop with anything bigger that a 31 you will bend tie rod adjusters and slr are the only two places i have found that carries heavy duty replacements for stock stearing once you lift you truck and put bigger tires i would upgrade!

then for the more crazier (because we all are crazy we wheel nissans!!) there is calmini which i believe has the best designed system but there is l&p slr and big money with total caos king kong systems. these replace everything from the power stearing box to the knuckle!

without the rack and pinion that the 2nd gens have we need something stronger for our stearing!
1 - 1 of 163 Posts
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