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Figured I'd start a build thread. Hopefully I'll be able to post pics from my phone.

Bought a super high mileage 1 owner 01 crew cab 4x4 for cheap. Black leather, very good interior. All stock.

Parts I've bought so far:
AC 3" kit (uca's, shocks, ball joint spacers, ultra low bump stops, shackles)
20x12 moto metal 962 black milled finish
33-12.50r20 retreads
Tinted windows

Parts to buy:
Body lift (not sure what size, really don't want more than 2")
Double din Bluetooth, door speakers, small behind the seat sub box
Rear shocks (have no idea what I'm going to go with yet)
A trail set of wheels and tires. Nothing crazy. Tryouts my to stay cheap.

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Let's see some pics!!
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