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Selling a brand new set of first gen d22 (98-00) frontier or wd22 (00-01) xterra hid projector retrofitted headlights.

Build list is as follows...
Eagle Vision aftermarket clear lensed housings
Satin black reflectors
ACME super H1 hid projectors
Satin black mini gatling gun shrouds
Morimoto retrorubber sealant
Morimoto XB 6500k h1 hid bulbs
Morimoto XB35 35w ballasts
Morimoto bulb connectors and ignitors
Generic h4 bixenon wiring harness

Everything is brand new, only opened/powered for testing and pictures. You get everything needed for these to be fully plug and play except for 9007/9004 to h4 connectors ($10 on ebay).

I'm asking $425 shipped CONUS or best offer.

Pics of red truck are another set i built, just using as visual example

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