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1st Gen 2wd 4 cyl mini-lift

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I take my truck camping all over the western US, been to Utah, OR, CA, AZ, NV. Sometimes drive marginal roads so was looking to beef up my truck just a little for better clearance and handling off the pavement. Also I have a hitch mount bike rack that would drag through the dips sometimes.

First I got some bigger tires (235/75/15) Goodyear Wrangler's. They fit the stock truck, but pretty much filled up the wheel wells.

I cranked the torsion nuts a bit and got about 1 3/4" of front lift out of that.

Then ordered these shackles from 4x4parts
and got 1 1/2" in the back.

I like the rig so much better now. Drives and looks alot more like a truck and less like a pizza delivery vehicle. :)


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hehe looks like mine. I cranked the t bars almost all the way, and used some universal lift shackles for the back.
thats next on my list, then some 30x9.5x15, and a c200 with a 4.63 gear ratio..
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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