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1999 Fender Flares, What will fit!?

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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a 1999 Nissan Frontier XE. Great truck, but lacks fender flares. I have searched EVERYWHERE on the internet lol can't find any for the 99 but I've seen a 2000 with them and the body looks the same.

Does anyone know if I stay in the 2001-2002 fender flare range if they will fit with min. modding (i.e the general shape and size of wheel well is the same)? Or can point me in the direction of some flares that would fit?

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the flairs from a 2000 will work on your truck the newer 01-04s will work in the rear not sure about up front if the body lines are all the same (might also need to do some bumper mods)
if you want fender flares, I would go with the ones from a desert runner or 4x4 of your year. You might get lucky at a junkyard and only need to paint them. If not, they can be bought from your local dealer or online to save $$$. Also, you will need to get wheels that will fill out the wider look.

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Perfect, Those look awesome. Yeah I'm going from 215/65/15 to 235/75/15 to fill up the wheel well a bit. Thanks. I'll keep looking online, at least now I know what the flares came off of, thanks!

The wheels may still not look right. The 4x4 and desert runner have different wheel offset, they are made to sit slightly further out than the 2wd frontiers.
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