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1998 Frontier 4x4 Wheel Question

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New to the site and just purchased my first Nissan truck. Its a 98 Frontier X-Cab 4x4. Looks good but has 275k miles on all original body and engine. Got a few plans for it including..........I would like to put some aftermarket wheels on it and was wondering if any other truck wheel will interchange? Local ads here claim that Chevy 6 bolt and Toyota 4x4 will swap. Others have told me that Nissan is not interchangable with other makes. I tried the "search" on here before posting but didn't find any info.

Any advice/help appreciated.
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Yup, like the other said chevy and toy wheels will fit, also some jeeps run 6 on 5.5, I have a set from a wagoneer on my SAS truck.

The 2nd gen trucks (05+) have a 6 on 4.5 wheel, thats the odd ball.
Titan and Escalade wheels will fit as long as you bore out the hub.
Yes! My brother did this on his black Xterra, he mounted BFG at's on titin 5 spoke wheels, it looks great!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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