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18" wheels, stock suspension...

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Greetings -

Found a lot of good info on here about the biggest tires that can be fit to a stock(no lift) truck with 16s and 17s, and I may end up going that route, but what about 18s? I think the current LE models with 18s come with 265/60/18 - can a taller sidewall(265/65 or 265/70) fit on a stock 2WD? May not look too good if the sidewall is too low-profile...

FWIW, I am also considering the 5100-series Bilsteins to level the truck, but there's sort of an order of operations with which I'm trying to go about this, so they would need to fit with a stock suspension for at least a period of time. I'd love to hear it if anyone knows! Thanks!
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