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17x8 AR Trench wheel help

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I am looking to buy these wheels:
BWT: American Racing Wheels - American Racing Rims - Trench (Chrome)

However, I have looked and seen different answers to what offset, but i know many rims are different. Can anyone tell me if they know what offset i should select? They are listed on the site under the 17 inch wheel section.

Any help or input is appreciated.

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What year is your truck? I am guessing 2010.
Then your only choice from that list is the

620-7868 17 8 25 6-114.3 $213.00

6 x 114.3 otherwise known as 6 on 4.5 is what you need as far as bolt pattern goes.
Yeah if you like the OEM wheel stance, this will be about the same.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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