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So there is a 6 spoke Frontier Nismo wheel, that is a 16X7. Nissan part #40300EA51A. And new revised part #40300EA51C.

And then there is a 6 spoke Nismo wheel, that is 16X 7.5. Nissan part #40300EA51B / with a description of "Superior".

So one is obviously .5" wider than the other one.

I was able to confirm with a dealer that has one of the 7.5's in stock, that it is a painted 6 spoke wheel.

But they didn't know what was changed to get the extra 1/2 inch of width.
And there is no picture of the 7.5 superior wheel either. Other Nissan parts dealers didn't know either.

So exactly what on the wheel was changed to accomplish the 1/2 inch of extra width? Does anyone know?
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