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12v power problems

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So im in need of some help with a wiring issue. I wanted to go spotting the other day so i grabbed my spot light that plugs into my 12v outlet. I get out and about and the light doesn't work. I try my phone charger and that doesnt work. This was the first time i tried out the outlet since ive only had my frontier about a month.

But anyways I checked all the fuses and they were all good. Pulled off my center cover and found it wasnt plugged in... but when i plugged it in and turned the key blew a fuse. This made me realize my kenwood headunit was also wired into the same fuse.

The next thing i tried was wiring the 12v outlet into one of the open fuse ports, but when we tried this ended up burning up a wire. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can try next to fix this? Its my only 12v outlet so i'm hoping i can get it to work.
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sounds like you got some funky mickey mouse wire job goin on.
We need a bit more info, lol.

What year truck?
What audio system?
What electrical fixes have been done?

More info please.
I have a 99 KC XE. the head unit is a kenwood kdc-mp342u. I havent done any thing as far as electrical fixes to the truck. The previous owner could have but im not sure I havent pulled the stereo out to see how that is installed.
Why the previous owner didn't use the 12v power line that is in the OEM radio harness to power the aftermarket head unit is beyond me... unless there was something wrong with it.

my recommendation would be to disconnect your head unit from the power port line and connect it to the line in the OEM radio harness --- this frees up the power port line so you can use it without blowing the fuse.

what you say about wiring the power port up to an open fuse port and burning up a wire bothers me a bit... do you know why or how that happened

EDIT: when you plugged in the power port, then turned the key, did the fuse blow right then, even with nothing plugged in to the port?? if so, you may need to investigate and replace your power port cause it's shorting itself. just reconnecting the power port would not have caused an immediate fuse blow -- unless you had something plugged in like your spotlight.
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