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12v outlets aren't working?

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Couldn't really find an area for electric issues, so I thought I'd post it here. If I'm in the wrong thread, forgive me please. Bought my truck a few weeks ago and I've noticed that all three outlets do not work. With the truck running, I put in a plug that has a little led on it when it gets power to all three (front dash, center console, and back of the console) and all three are dead. I checked the fuse that reads cig (assuming that means cigarette lighter even though this year doesn't have one or an ash tray) and it was fine. I haven't checked all the fuses yet, but that's my next step. Anyone have this issue before and what fixes it?
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Back from the dead, but no need to start a new thread....

I'm having the same issue. Cig and console 12v not working and fuses are good. Meter shows hot terminal power a fuse box but no power at accessory end. Any advice? Thanks
It was a 20A fuse under the hood. Didn't realize there was one under there and I was getting pushed on time (you know, kids and all). Thanks for the help Vic
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