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I'll start by saying I've searched the forum and read a ton about lifts here and learned a lot. But, I'm new to lifts and could really use some help from those who know much more.

I think I'd like to put a small lift on my truck, if that's what it takes to get more ground clearance in the rear when towing? When I pull my boat I ended up having maybe 6" clearance from the trailer to the road, that's not enough for my piece of mind.

I get off road frequently but not into extreme conditions so any clearance gained would just be a nice thing here.

Couple other points that may be helpful in getting good advice....I am not planning on larger tires right away, could be a while actually before I can afford them. When I do get them I think I want to keep the factory wheels, like them well enough.

Which would get me what I am looking for: Body lift? Suspension lift? Combo? New leafs?

Thanks for any help you can lend, this is really confusing to me!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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