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'10 Pro-4x Lift Questions/Help

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I'll start by saying I've searched the forum and read a ton about lifts here and learned a lot. But, I'm new to lifts and could really use some help from those who know much more.

I think I'd like to put a small lift on my truck, if that's what it takes to get more ground clearance in the rear when towing? When I pull my boat I ended up having maybe 6" clearance from the trailer to the road, that's not enough for my piece of mind.

I get off road frequently but not into extreme conditions so any clearance gained would just be a nice thing here.

Couple other points that may be helpful in getting good advice....I am not planning on larger tires right away, could be a while actually before I can afford them. When I do get them I think I want to keep the factory wheels, like them well enough.

Which would get me what I am looking for: Body lift? Suspension lift? Combo? New leafs?

Thanks for any help you can lend, this is really confusing to me!
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I'm not an expert by any means, but I would take a look at airbags. follow this link to a post about them...

You also might find better luck searching through the suspension forum in general. a lot of info posted.
Suspension - Nissan Frontier / Navara Forum

But what do I know I just joined up today...
2" spacer in front, 1.5" block in the rear and you will be good to go for awhile. Check out for what you need. I think they call it the PRG mini-lift. Or if you'd like to go a cheaper route, check out Also be sure to look in the "Suspension" forum, any questions you may have have already been answered there.
Have you seen this post yet. Its a real good price for a 2.5/1.5. I have it on my 2010 pro-4x
Look into air bags for the rear sounds more in line with what you are looking to accomplish. If your boat overloads the rear how you say no lift will correct that maybe just an add-a-leaf in the rear but then the rear will be jacked up when unloaded.
Might just wanna try a new hitch or flip it over.
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