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Here's an odd one I could use some help figuring out.

While driving my Frontier the gauge for the coolant temp will suddenly and instantly drop from normal operating level (just below midpoint for me) to giving no reading (not reading "low" but drops to nothing as if the engine was off). Within a few seconds it will jump back to normal temperature level.
No other gauges on the dash cluster turn off or change with the coolant temp reading.
As the coolant reading drops to zero, I also experience reduced acceleration, almost as if I'm starting up cold in the winter and trying to accelerate quickly.

This happens at any speed, any temperature, sometimes just after starting the engine, sometimes after 30 minutes on the road.

The most likely culprit I can surmise is the Temp Sender. Whether it's the connection or the actual sensor itself I haven't been able to check effectively.

Coolant levels are within min/mix range, fuses are all good and truck was recently inspected.

Basically if it's not the temp sensor, I don't know what else it could be!

Thanks everyone for listening to my rambling,
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