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Hey all, a weird thing happened yesterday where I purchased a 2008 Frontier Nismo. I figured it has 65k miles on it so it likely has quite a bit of life left.

It WILL NOT engage the differential lock. The lock light stops flashing and ABS light comes on as it should while the truck is in neutral, however as soon as it is shifted to drive the ABS light shuts off and the diff lock light begins flashing again. It's in the shop at the dealership where I bought it, hopefully it's an easy fix!

The truck has a few cosmetic issues on the paint, especially at the tailgate, but then again, it is a truck after all. I will try my best to bring this thing back to the best condition I possibly can. I have always been a car enthusiast, however this is my first truck so I'm excited! I'm looking forward to the adventures this thing will experience and all I can learn from you all.

Here are some pics!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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