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'07 4L V6 4x4 A/C problem

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I've just spent the last couple of hours reading everything I could find related to my problem. So now I have a list of things to locate and check. I'll give you an overview, maybe someone can save me some time (and $$$s).

First off. I know nothing about air conditioning, but I am willing to learn.
Last year the A/C seemed to be 'weak' (not as cold as before), so I made a mental note to get it checked - not a good idea at my age.

This year I get cool air on 'max ac' and on regular ac at all fan speeds, so I decided to buy a recharge kit. Managed to find the low side connector and hooked everything up. The instructions said I should see around 30# with the engine off but the gauge went 'off the clock'. Checked that I was on the right fitting and tried again, same result. As the refrigerant was OK for the atmosphere (and me) I decided to carefully bleed off the high pressure. With the pressure down to about 10# I recharged it to 35#, started the engine and put the ac to max. Same as before, cool air but not cold.
I can hear the ac clutch kicking in, it is noisier than I remember. Where did the high # at the low side connector come from? Is that a clue to the problem?
I'd appreciate any help, comments, directions to previous post, verbal abuse etc that may help.

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Aircon needs to be run 20 minutes a month whether you need it or not. Keeps the refrigerant oil circulating and keeps the inside of the hoses in good condition.
I have a vintage car here that runs r12 aircon. I have ALL t he service records for it. It's still on the original hoses from 1972 and a few years ago we had to top off the r12 for the first time in 25 years. Holy cow.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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